$100 Bitcoin? Japan Post Bank’s Cio Blasts ‘bubble’ Value

$100 Bitcoin Says Japanese Banker16 Nov 2017.

Bitcoin's astonishing price rally this year continues to attract skeptics, including the CIO of Japan Post Bank.

The problem with most banks is the same problem as with all large companies.

https://cointelegraph.com/news/jp-morgan-cio-blockchain-will-replace-existing- technology.

Is it 100%? No it isn't.

Japan Post Bank's CIO Blasts 'Bubble' Value – CoinDesk.

Why did JP Morgan buy Ethereum and now says Bitcoin is fraud?

2 Jan 2018.

Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies like it, are not a Tulip bubble.

Bitcoin's price will keep going up, maybe to $1,000,000, and banks will.

to since high school stops posting statuses about Bitcoin, that is when it will.

who is now CIO at Pantera for their $100M ICO fund as well as their digital asset fund.

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