Asic 330mh/s Usb Bitcoin Miner Block Erupter Antminer

The ASICminer USB block erupter is excellent if you’re just starting out in your mining adventures or just need a little extra hashing power and don’t want to spend big. If you can afford to buy a few dozen, you can create quite a nice little mining farm on the cheap with these.

These ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) USB devices do one thing. Generate SHA-256 hashes at a rate of 336,000,000 a second. So it is a little faster than the 330 MH/s in the spec.

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The BlockErupter Sapphire USB series is the second major product of ASICMINER. Serves as a replacement of GPUs for the mining hobbyists. Speed: 330Mh/s-336Mh/s! With Great Stability and.

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