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15 Jun 2020.

Adding to MDMA's risks is that pills, capsules, or powders sold as Ecstasy and.

Some people report signs of addiction, including the following.

Detectives from the State Crime Command’s Drug and Serious Crime Group have charged two Gold Coast men and located firearms.

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15/08/2018  · New batches of fake MDMA and ecstasy pills are being found to contain the potentially lethal drug N-ethylpentylone. Drug testing group The Loop have issued a.

There is also a very small infinity symbol just to the left of and in between the Bitcoin logo and the bevel. Pill is 364mg. Mecke – Green to black. Marquis – Purple to.

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Pillreports is a global database of Ecstasy" pills based on both subjective user reports and scientific analysis. "Ecstasy" is traditionally the name for MDMA based pills, however here we also include closely related substances such as MDA, MDEA, MBDB. Pills sold as "Ecstasy" often include other, potentially more dangerous, substances such as methamphetamine, ketamine and.

PILL WARNING NSW, AUS DECEMBER 2019. Drug warning – Variable dose and high dose MDMA tablets/capsules. Consumption of high doses of MDMA.

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07/08/2019  · Here are the 10 highest strength pills tested by the Loop this summer, all 200+mg MDMA. "These pills, like most tested by the Loop in 2019, contain 2+ x an average adult dose of MDMA. Take care of.

Inside the pill testing tent at festivals | Did You Know?1 feb 2019.

Logo/vorm: rechthoek; Gewicht:3707 mg; Kleur: geel; Breuklijn: ja; Dosis: 183 mg MDMA base. Tablet 7: Bitcoin. Logo/vorm: B; Gewicht: 328.

15/06/2016  · Ecstasy warning after pills found with double or triple doses in UK . This article is more than 4 years old. Campaigners say pills at Manchester’s Parklife festival had.

Page: 1 / 1 > Search all for transformer and live Sample Photo Sample Name Sample Name is the street name that was submitted with the sample (or the common street-name for a table imprint or sample). The individual result view page provides more information.

unlike other "Orange Bitcoin" reports these aren't particularly thick or wide. Marquis, Mandelin, Mecke, and Simons A&B turned black or dark blue in 1-2 seconds.

The pills contained more than 470 gms of MDMA and the parcel was addressed to a 27-year old man hailing from Bhimavaram in.

The Customs officials, who kept a vigil on the drug peddler, are trying to find out how long he was running the racket, whether the accused was having a gang and his customers. “A dosage of the.

Customs officials at the airport here have foiled a bid to smuggle ecstasy pills from the Netherlands through parcel service and arrested the consignee from Andhra Pradesh, a top official said on.

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