Can I Use Shutterstock Images For T Shirts

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Learn where to buy images for commercial use cheap and with the best benefits!.

But what if you want images you can print on t-shirts (or any other item) for series.

Shutterstock Enhanced License Pricing 2017 > Buy Images for Commercial.

An explanation of where vector images that could be used on a t-shirt can be.

vector images include VectorStock, 123rf, Pixmac, Shutterstock, Vector Portal,

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For example, a merchandise item could be a collection of images on a coffee mug sold at a gift shop, or an image incorporated into a t-shirt design given out as part of a product promotion.

Can I use editorial images on merchandise?

Whenever you purchase stock images, it's important to know exactly how and when you can use them. Shutterstock provides million of images for all different uses,

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Royalty Free Images, Copyright and Stock Images for Graphic Design.

you may use images for your free promotional items. Promo items include give- aways like calendars, holiday cards you send to clients, t-shirts and buttons you.

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Some Shutterstock customers who have purchased this type of license have used the image on: Calendars; T-shirts; Coffee Mugs; Hats; Posters that include some.

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